Step #1: Sign into Web-based Email

All United PC Basic Email accounts include access to web-based email. To access your web-based email account, type the following into your browser’s’ address bar: (replace with your primary account domain name)

Sign in by typing in your Email Address and Password and then clicking the Log In button.

Step #2: Accessing the Password & Security Page

Once you have successfully logged into the web-based email you will be presented with the WebMail Dashboard. Along the top of the dashboard you will see a menu bar with your email account listed, similar to the screenshot below:

Click on your email address in the menu bar in order to access the Account Menu.

The Account Menu will look similar to the screenshot below. From that menu, click Password & Security.

Step #3: Change Your Password

From the Password & Security page you will see a simple form that you will need to fill out with your new password. Fill in the form and repeat to confirm your password. You can also use the Password Generator button to generate a random, secure password (this is the most secure).

Once you have completed filling in the form with your new password and confirmed, click the Save button to set the new password.

Step #4: Update Your Applications and Devices

Once you have changed your password, please be sure to log into your other applications and devices and update the password there. Failure to perform this step will cause your applications and/or devices to be unable to check your email account.