If you have ever wanted to return to a website quickly and didn’t want to open your browser first, these steps will help you create a shortcut for your favorite websites using Mozilla Firefox. From there you can copy that shortcut anywhere, even in another folder.

Step 1

Type the address of the website that you wish to create the shortcut for. In the example we are using our website, so we typed www.united-pc.com in the address field. Then press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 2

Once the site is loaded, move your cursor over the “site information” icon, located to the left of the website URL that you just typed.

Step 3

Left-Click and hold down the mouse button on the icon and (while holding the mouse button) drag the icon out to an empty area on your Desktop. Release the mouse button.

Step 4

Enjoy your new shortcut! From here you can rename your shortcut, copy it, move it, or whatever your heart desires.