Below you will find the instructions for connecting your computer to a remote VPN server on your Synology Network Accessible Storage (NAS) Device. If you have questions or need assistance in connecting your device(s), please contact your systems administrator or a United PC technician.

Instructions – To Connect

You should already have the OpenVPN client installed. If you do, you may have the icon on your desktop that looks like the picture on the right. If you do not see that icon, you can also look in the system tray to see if you have the OpenVPN GUI icon (pictured below). If you do not see either of these, please contact your systems administrator to have them installed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL OPENVPN YOURSELF! OpenVPN requires a special configuration file in order to work properly. If you do not have access to this file it will not work.

If you have either (or both) of these icons you may continue to the instructions below.

From your Windows Taskbar, DOUBLE-CLICK on the OpenVPN GUI Icon (pictured above). If this is the first time that you have connected, or if your password is not saved, you will be presented with a username and password login window (see next page). Please fill in the username and password fields with your login credentials and click OK.

Once you are connected you will see a notification pop up that states you are connected. This will go away after a few seconds. You will also see the OpenVPN GUI Icon displayed with the little monitor colored in GREEN (see below). This means that you are currently connected to the VPN.

Instructions – To Disconnect

There are two ways to disconnect. One is to DOUBLE-CLICK on the OpenVPN GUI Icon in the Taskbar and then click the DISCONNECT button on the window that appears. The other is to RIGHT-CLICK on the OpenVPN GUI Icon to access the options menu (see below). From the options menu, simply click on the option to DISCONNECT. Once you are disconnected the OpenVPN GUI Icon should return to its normal appearance without the green.