It seems that sometime in the past couple of months a popular remote control software was compromised. TeamViewer, used by many remote support companies (except United PC), was compromised. Ultimately TeamViewer accounts were broken into and the remote “hacker” was then able to access all of the TeamViewer connected devices and remote control them. What happened next is even worse! Once in the remote computer, the “hacker” then accesses online shopping website and makes purchases using saved password information in the user’s browsers. Often times they would also place password revealing software on the remote computer and download the entire list of saved browser passwords on the computer, often times opening up bank accounts, investment accounts and other personal accounts.


So, if you have TeamViewer installed on your computer (see the image above for what to look for), make sure that it is not running. In order to tell if TeamViewer is running actively on your computer you will typically see an icon (like in the image above) in the system tray of your computer (that’s the area usually located near the time and date). If you see it there, right click on it and turn it of (or exit). You can then go into Programs and Features and uninstall TeamViewer from your computer.

NOTE: Some LEGITIMATE businesses use this program in order to remote into your computer to provide technical support or remote maintenance. Please contact them and INSIST that they use another program!

For United PC customers, rest assured that we do NOT use TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToAssist or other large-scale remote access clients. We host out own remote support client that resides on our own servers. Our remote client only communicates with our server, not a mass-shared server in some far-distant server farm.