Windows 7 Home Premium & Professional

Issue with Windows Backup running a successful backup. Backup errors with message stating the VSS failed and not enough free space available. Local disk checked to have plenty of free space, however the “System Reserved” partition was actually the culprit.

NOTE: If “System Reserved” partition has less than 40% free space, Windows Backup will fail.

To resolve this issue, the partitions of the hard drive will need to be resized to accomodate more free space on the “System Reserved” partition. This is done by using a partition management program (a.k.a. Parted Magic or EASEUS Partition Master). Simply resize the “System Reserved” partition from 100 MB to 400 MB (do not make it any larger than 480 MB).

NOTE: After resizing the “System Reserved” partition, you may get an error on start up that the boot manager cannot be found. Simply insert a Windows 7 DVD/USB and run Startup Repair. This will correct the boot issue and repair the boot manager.

If all is done properly your Windows 7 Backup will run successfully and without errors.