You can create a backup schedule using Maintenance Plans inside of the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. To create a backup schedule, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go To SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Services > Run SQL Server Agent (Set it to Run Automatically)
  2. Go To SQL Server Management Studio, Find the TAB labeled Management > Maintenance Plans.
  3. Right Click > Maintenance Plans Wizard.
  4. Give your plan a name, ex: DailyBackup.
  5. Select Option button : Single Schedule for entire task.
  6. Click Configure > Set Schedule according your needs.
  7. Select Maintenance tasks. For this case, you would choose Full Database backup.
  8. Click Next, then define which database(s) to backup, set backup location, and backup extension.
  9. Click Next, Choose your report mode, then Finish.

Please note that the instructions above may vary slightly depending on your version of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.