The Campaign Registry – SMS Compliance

If your organization plans to send SMS messages, wireless industry regulations require registering your brand and at least one campaign with The Campaign Registry. Registering your “brand” is about establishing yourself as a valid legal entity. Registering a “campaign” is about establishing what kinds of messages you’ll send. These requirements represent an effort by the wireless industry to protect their customers from unwanted messages.

Here is a breakdown of the costs to fully comply with industry regulations.

  • Brand registration fee: $4.00 (one-time)
  • Campaign vetting fee: $15.00 (one-time per campaign)
  • Active campaign fee: $1.50 – $10.00 (recurring monthly)

Register Your Brand

To register your brand, complete the required fields below and submit your information for review. You will be contacted with any questions and next steps.
Please enter the telephone number (including the area code) that you wish to register for your SMS Campaign.
Your official company name as printed on your tax returns.
Name your company is commonly known by if different from your legal name.
9-digit tax number issued to your business.
This email will be used if there are questions about your registration.
Select how recipients can opt in to this campaign. Select all that apply.
These sample messages should accurately reflect the types of messages you will send. Messages that differ from pre-approved sample types are more likely to be blocked by wireless providers.
By clicking I Agree, you understand that registering with The Campaign Registry will result in a charge being assessed on your GoTo account for (1) Brand registration [$4.00 one-time], (2) Campaign vetting [$15.00 one-time], and (3) Active Campaign [$1.50 – $10.00 monthly recurring], and that all fees represent a direct pass-through by GoTo without any markup.