Earlier in the month of June a RoundCube update was completed on our servers. This update adds increased security for our client’s email platforms but also brought an unexpected change. Although change is inevitable with technology, it often causes little speed bumps in our daily routines when these changes come unexpectedly. This was the case for this particular security update.

As part of the security updates the RoundCube interface also received an updated skin (or theme) in order to bring it up to web and mobile standards. Although the new interface is the preferred interface and the new RoundCube default, some of our clients prefer the older interface. The new interface is called “Elastic” and is named appropriately. It introduces a new responsive, mobile-friendly design that is better suited for phones and tablets. It doesn’t look too bad on the desktop either (see below).

How do I change the User Interface Skin in RoundCube

To change the Interface Skin in RoundCube you must first log into your webmail interface. From there you will need to locate the Settings button, either on the left menu bar or the top menu bar, depending on your interface skin (see below for examples).

After clicking on the Settings button, navigate to Preferences and then User Interface. In the User Interface section, navigate down to the section labeled Interface Skin. Choose the preferred skin (currently the choices are Larry and Elastic).

Once you have selected the desired Interface Skin, click on the Save button and your new skin will be applied.