If your email is not being delivered and you get a message back stating that your email was blocked for some reason or another, you may be a victim of blacklisting!

What is a Blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of IP addresses and domain names that an organization has decided to block for spam, malware or a configuration that promotes bad email behavior. Even if your email systems are properly configured and running optimally, your clients, partners and prospects may reject your email because you are blacklisted.

How do you get on a Blacklist?

There are a large number of reasons you could be blacklisted: last month’s malware attack, a marketing campaign was reported as spam, or an email server configuration that forwards spam are some common reasons.

How can I prevent getting on a Blacklist?

You need to put in place tools that protect your systems from spam and malware and prevent your users from distributing spam and malware.

How do I get off the Blacklist?

Once you’ve stopped doing whatever put you on the blacklist and put in place safeguards to prevent further issues, you need to contact the blacklists. MxToolbox provides detailed information on each blacklist and links to the blacklist, including de-listing resources.